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Chalk It Up

UPC: 0112997385811

About this item

Bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones with these cheerful Custom Photo Note Cards. They provide a suitable way to send a personal message to someone you love. Each set comes with 12 personalized note cards and envelopes. These personalized note cards are spacious enough to display two photographs along with a personalized message. You can choose photos based on the occasion or theme for a unique touch. It is available in white so you can see what is written with ease. Send that special someone a fond photo of your children, pets, vacations, weddings, birth announcements and more. The cards make for a great way to personally communicate an event.

Note Cards:

  • Set of 12 custom photo note cards with envelopes
  • Each card measures 5×4.24
  • Allows up to two photos and space for you to write a personalized message
  • Choose photos of your children, pets, vacations, weddings, birth announcements and more
  • Ideal for photos based on a special occasion or a particular theme
  • Available in white