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Custom Color Collage

UPC: 0113000213474

About this item

Keep your favorite images of your family close with the Personalized Photo Magnet. It can display up to five images of your choosing. The photo collage magnet is laminated with ultra-clear Mylar film to prevent damage to your images. Hang your customized pictures on your file cabinet, refrigerator or any type of magnetic surface. The 4″ × 6″ or 3″ × 4″ photo magnet makes an ideal last-minute gift for loved ones. You can customize your magnet by choosing from up to 20 different border colors that will coordinate with your images. It is waterproof and smudge-proof. It features a strong magnet that will not slip off of surfaces. And it is flexible so it will easily cling to curved surfaces. Use it to share a photo of your new baby with relatives or create a collage of the entire family to send along with holiday cards this season. There are dozens of ways that you can turn this into a thoughtful and heartwarming gift for friends and family.

4×6 Photo Collage Magnet:

  • Personalized Photo Collage Magnet with up to 5 photos
  • Laminated with ultra-clear Mylar film, applied it to vinyl magnet material with matte finish and die-cut it with round corners
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof
  • Strong photo collage magnet won’t slip off refrigerator
  • Flexible so it will cling to slightly curved surfaces
  • Chose from up to 20 border colors
  • Photo collage magnet available in 3″ × 4″ size or 4″ × 6″ size