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Same Day Pickup (24 Hours)


Same Day Pickup (24 Hours)


About this item

Share the love by turning your favorite photos into personalized cards, available for pick up today. Our 5×7 stationery card is printed on 80 lb. cardstock with square corners and textured linen. Find your perfect card in our collections of traditional, contemporary, romantic or floral designs, perfect for any occasion or holiday. The Stationery card is customizable on both sides and is available in sets of 20 (with premium silver foil-lined envelopes included).

Same Day 5×7 Stationery Card (Set Of 20):

  • Same Day 5×7 Photo Cards (set of 20)
  • Available Same Day
  • Customizable on both sides
  • Printed on 80 lb. cardstock with square corners and textured linen
  • Premium foil-lined envelopes included