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Free shipping on orders over $35

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Gifts for pet lovers

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Gifts for pet lovers

Pets and their owners share a special bond. Capture these sweet moments on camera and transfer them to photo pet gifts your recipient can treasure. Upload your digital image via the Walmart app, browse our photo pet products, and let us help create these personal gifts for you.

Gifts for the pet: Your dog will be beside himself eating out of a bowl with your happy face printed on the side. And what's more special than a photo pet bowl sitting on a unique photo-printed mat that protects the floor from stray kibbles? When your pet goes outside, he'll be the envy of others wearing a pretty photo collar, bandanna, and photo-printed pet leash.

Gifts for the pet lover: Pet parents love nothing more than snuggling up on the couch with their furry friends. Add to their happiness with personalized blankets and pillows. A photo mouse pad, mug, or desk canvas lets them think about their pet while they're working in the office, and a photo key chain reminds them how happy their pet will be to see them when they get back home.