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Fleece Blankets

Fleece Blankets

  • Soft fleece
  • Image is printed onto blanket
  • Back is solid white color
  • 1" hem on all sides
  • Squared off corners
  • Weight: 1.4 - 2 lbs

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Shop Plush blankets

Plush Blankets

  • Extra plush fleece
  • Image is printed onto blanket
  • Back is solid cream color
  • 1" hem on all sides
  • Squared off corners
  • Weight: 1.85 - 1.95 lbs

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Shop Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa Blankets

  • Premium sherpa fleece
  • Image is printed onto blanket
  • Back is solid cream color
  • Finished stitching on all sides
  • Rounded corners
  • Weight: 1.75 - 2.8 lbs

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Shop Woven Blankets

Woven Blankets

  • Luxurious, keepsake throw
  • Image is woven into throw
  • Yarn is dyed and weaved together
  • Colorful fringe along all sides
  • 100% woven cotton
  • Weight: 2.4 - 3.8 lbs

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Shop Mink Blankets

Mink Blankets

  • High-quality color saturation
  • Fluffy, textured reverse side
  • Hemmed edges
  • Available in a 30”x 40” & 50”x 60”
  • Made of Polyester, easy to care
  • Machine washable and dryer safe

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Shop Picnic Blankets

Picnic Blanket

  • Durable, weather resistant polyester-twill
  • Perfect for any outdoor gatherings
  • Backside comes standard in black
  • Measures 50” x 60”
  • Comes with sewn on, buckled straps
  • Easily folded, rolled and packed

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photo throw pillows

Throw Pillows

From $21.48

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photo pillow cases

Pillow Cases

From $18.96

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Photo blankets, pillows, & pillowcases

Blankets, pillows, and pillowcases decorated with your favorite photo or collage of photos add a highly personal touch to your home while providing warmth and comfort in any room. Photo Blankets and Photo Pillows also make thoughtful gifts.

Choose your fabric: Fleece blankets are soft, warm, and not too heavy. Plush blankets are made of extra-soft fleece that's thicker and warmer. Sherpa is a premium fleece fabric for photo blankets and it's customizable. This is an ideal choice if you like the look and feel of cozy wool with added warmth. Woven photo blankets are personalized by weaving the image of your photo into the 100 percent cotton blanket instead of printing it on. Woven picture blankets are great keepsakes that you can display or use.

Choose your design: Pre-designed templates make it easy to create an attractive design on your photo pillow, photo blanket, or photo pillowcase. Or, you can create your own design by choosing the size, number of photos, text, and layout of your item.