Resolution Warning

If the resolution of a picture in your cart is too low for a given print size or product, we will mark the print size with the "" marker. You can still print this photo, but it will not look as good as if you used a higher resolution photo. Learn more about resolution.

Please note: Pictures copied from websites, even photo websites, are often low-resolution images that are optimized to load fast in browsers and look good on-screen, but they often will not look good when printed.

Please refer to this chart to determine the minimum image size you need to produce quality prints and photo products:

Print Size Minimum Recommended Image Resolution
4x6 540x360 pixels
5x7 546x390 pixels
8x10 960x768 pixels
4x6 Premium Metallic Prints 540x360 pixels
5x7 Premium Metallic Prints 546x390 pixels
8x10 Premium Metallic Prints 960x768 pixels
4x4 Photo Print 600x600 pixels
5x5 Photo Print 750x750 pixels
8x8 Photo Print 1200x1200 pixels
Wallets 546x390 pixels
Poster: 11x14 980x770 pixels
Poster: 12x18 1260x840 pixels
Poster: 16x20 1400x1120 pixels
Poster: 20x30 2100x1400 pixels
8x20 Locker Poster Single Image 1400x560 pixels
5x7 Folded Card with Envelopes 1200x900 pixels
5x7 Postcard 1200x900 pixels
4.25x6 Postcard 900x638 pixels
Notepad 370x370 pixels
Stickers (20) 525x525 pixels
5x7 Same-Day Mounted Photo 900x720 pixels
8x10 Same-Day Mounted Photo 900x720 pixels
11x14 Mounted Photo 1260x990 pixels
12x12 Mounted Photo 1080x1080 pixels
12x18 Mounted Photo 1800x1440 pixels
16x20 Mounted Photo 1800x1440 pixels
20x30 Mounted Photo 2700x1800 pixels
8x20 Mounted Photo 1800x720 pixels